Your voice matters—truly.

Welcome to the online home of Voxsana Vocal Coaching.

Here’s the part where we show you what we’re made of, where we pull back the curtain and out the “wizard” behind what we do.

In simplest terms, we address your entire instrument (mind, body, soul) for maximum self-expression—and, we keep things fun! Play, curiosity, self-awareness, and softening out of tension are top of mind, which in our experience (Jillian & her mega awesome admin team) is the key to great singing and great speaking.

And yeah, sometimes it’s work —but the oh-so good kind.

When we’re relaxed, we’re connected. And when we’re connected, we’re unstoppable.

vox= voice |  sana (sônə)= healthy


Just a few benefits of this integrative approach:

  • A clear, resonant singing voice
  • A clear, resonant speaking voice
  • Increased vocal range & flexibility
  • Better posture & breath control/support
  • Boosted confidence
  • Objectivity (healthier mindset & inner dialogue)
  • A great relationship to practicing
  • Better connection to your audience
  • A singing practice that’s consistent and joyful
  • And, of course, the list goes on!

Did we mention it’s fun? Pinky promise.

When you choose to practice courage, everything changes. Show up and see what happens!

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