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#VoiceLove for all.

vox=voice, sana= healthy, heal (LATIN)

Changing the voice conversation. Together.

The truth is, every one of us has been gifted an extraordinary instrument. And it’s my belief that realizing its fullest potential is not only beneficial, it’s our birthright.

Hi! I’m Jill and this is Voxsana.

Voxsana is a new breed of vocal instruction, offering the educational foundations of contemporary vocal study through a holistic, ontological, heart-centered lens. The end goal: self-integration and maximum self-expression. (And tons of fun!)

Use your voice; change your story. As Voxsana clients will attest, our work together touches on a bigger conversation: that when you use your voice authentically and confidently in your life BIG MAGIC follows. Check out our CLIENT LOVE page for more on this super cool perk.

Voxsana clients range the gamut—from teens and young adults; to moms, dads and retirees looking to shake things up; to hobbyists, instructors, healers and speakers, all the way to Broadway/The Voice hopefuls and music professionals—each with goals, skills and voices unique only to them.

Speaking of unique, welcome you! And congratulations on taking this next step on your vocal journey! Hope we meet soon.

So … what exactly is vocal coaching?

pull back the curtain in the FAQs.
And be sure to visit our Client love page for more insight.

Did you know we have a blog?

Nerd out with us here.

Our Mandate

We believe … *That every voice matters—there are no two alike.
*That harnessing one’s vocal prowess is a birthright.
*That every voice can benefit for vocal study. *That singing and speaking are a lot more alike than we think. (Working one shifts the other.)
* That there is nothing to fix in the voice, only habits to unlearn.
*And that the key to maximum self-expression is addressing your full instrument (mind, body, soul), while keeping it objective & FUN!


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