VOX “voice” – SANA “heal, health” (latin)

Our Story

The story of Voxsana is one many business owners can relate to: what began as a humble vocal coaching practice in 2018 came to a screeching halt in March of 2020 when the pandemic hit, and its business owner (me/Jill) had to get mega creative mega fast. After a lot of trial and error (soul-searching) I began to hear the internal whispers that my coaching practice needed to expand and grow differently than before.

Lemons to lemonade. And looking back, I have so much gratitude— ’cause it’s the best darn lemonade ever.

Fast forward to March 2022, Voxsana’s website has transformed from an online “business card” to a platform aimed at redirecting the voice conversation towards inclusivity and integration. Our message, in its simplest form: that the benefits of a full, resonant voice—and life—can be enjoyed by all, and that the voice itself is all-encompassing, the full 360 degrees of YOU (mind, body, and spirit). Self-integration for maximum self-expression: that’s Voxsana.

I know I’m not alone in this message; there are fellow vocal coaches bringing it to the masses—and hell yeah! But it’s a truth I knew I was destined to share, in my own voice. So, here we go.

Voxsana: The Community

Welcome to our community! In this space, I will share a number of resources to assist you on your vocal journey—from personal musings and conversations with amazing and inspirational trailblazers, to workshops and the super cool swag to complement the ride. All of this comes to you with humility, heart and experience—years of studying, learning, growing, investigating and experimenting with my own voice (life!) until I found the ideal blend of contemporary vocal study and holistic, ontological discovery. #lifechanging

Today Voxsana has blossomed into a vibrant community of deep thinkers, dreamers and go-getters, each with a voice and dream unique to them and a shared curiosity and love of self-expression. And now, there’s you. If this is your first time dipping your toe into the voice pool, welcome. And if this is attempt 100 of trying to get back on the vocal wagon, welcome. You’re here for a reason. Get ready for the magic.


Our Manifesto

We believe … 

*That every voice matters—there are no two alike.
*That realizing one’s full, resonant voice is a birthright.
*That every voice can benefit from vocal study.
*That singing and speaking are a lot more alike than we think.
*That there is nothing to fix in the voice, only habits to unlearn.
*That the key to maximum self-expression is addressing your full instrument (mind, body, soul), with objectivity, curiosity and play.


a holistic approach to voice, blending contemporary vocal study with self-awareness & ontological exploration

For more info on the BENEFITS of voice study, click HERE.

OFFICIAL BIO: Jillian Mitchell, founder

“Nurture your authentic voice

and radiate wholly as you were meant to.”

– Jillian Mitchell

Jillian Mitchell is a recording artist, vocal coach, author, mom and all-around voice advocate. Singing professionally for almost 20 years, Jillian has had the pleasure of performing alongside music legends (Trooper, Rik Emmett of Triumph), crooning on the high Pacific seas, rocking a residency gig in China, and sporting some pretty fab ’80s attire on the theatre stage. A graduate of Brandon University’s prestigious music program, Jillian is a firm believer in the power of education and has continued her studies with celebrity vocal coaches Owen “Fiidla” Brown (Mary J. Blige), Giovanna Gattuso (Crossover Singing Method), John Deaver (Cher, Sara Bareilles) and Emm Gryner (solo artist, David Bowie). A celebrated vocal coach in her own right, Jill is the founder of Voxsana, a vocal method now expanded into an online platform, and is currently working on her first book, The Singers’ Survival Guide, with a second book on the speaking voice percolating in the wings. Add to that, Jill is one-half of the pop-rock duo Echo Drop with her husband, Sean. The couple lives in Victoria, BC, Canada, with their two amazing children.

Echo Drop’s upcoming single “Let it Burn”

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