Vocal strain: how to care for your voice during the pandemic

Hands up, fellow maskers, if you’re experiencing vocal fatigue. Hoarseness, difficulty projecting volume, communication blunders, muffled voices, muddied facial cues, frustration and an emotional/mental component associated with communicating while “muzzled”—yes, masks save lives, and yes, they come with a host of other complications. The good news? There are some steps you can take to make... Continue Reading →

Less do, more be. (A.k.a. slow is fast)

It's 2021 .. and unusually so, the reminder to slow down is everywhere. "Making space for the rest that restores us " - Magnolia Journal cover"Music happens between the notes."- Yo Yo Ma (via Leann Rimes' podcast) "Slow is smooth and smooth is fast"- Phil Dunphy, Modern Family Like I said, e-very-where. This "slow down"... Continue Reading →

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