Meet Jill

Hi, Singer!

And congratulations on taking this next step on your singing journey. Thank you for thinking of me (Jill) as a running buddy along your singing journey. As your coach, I promise to nurture your authentic sound. I promise to support you in creating a firm, integrated foundation to help you radiate in that next desired level as you were meant to. And I hand-to-heart promise to never, ever stop learning and growing alongside you. Together, we will foster a partnership based on trust, curiosity, vulnerability, and play, which proves to expedite results—and more importantly, just feels good. 

Here’s to you and your singing journey!

Sing on,

Jill xo

Official Bio

Jillian Mitchell began her musical career on a dare. “Don’t be a chicken” — four little words that prompted Jillian to try out for her high school musical Camelot, despite having never sang in public. As fate would have it, she was cast as the female lead.

And that was just the beginning.

What began as an infatuation with Disney’s The Little Mermaid sparked a life-long passion for music and singing. Fast-forward to today, Jillian is an avid singer-songwriter, vocal coach, pianist, author, and Starbucks Coffee Master. Singing professionally onstage and in the studio for over 15 years, Jillian has had the honor of performing alongside many of music’s legends including rock icons Trooper and Rik Emmett (Triumph) and has even been known to hit the theatre stage from time to time (Cut footloose!). Jill is one-half of the R&B-rock duo Echo Drop with hubby, Sean, where together they cruised the Celebrity X seas and rocked a 6-month residency in China. Look for Echo Drop’s NEW ALBUM, September 2020. (

Equipped with a B.A. Hons. in music from Brandon University, Jillian has studied with many celebrity vocal coaches including Owen “Fiidla” Brown (Mary J. Blige, Wyclef Jean), Giovanna Gattuso (Venice Vocal Academy), John Deaver (Cher, Sara Bareilles) and Emm Gryner (recording artist, David Bowie). In addition, she is a celebrated vocal coach in her own right, as the founder of the Voxsana method, and is currently working on her first instructional book, The Singers’ Survival Guide.

(Fun Fact: Jill knows all the dance moves to “Backstreet’s Back.”)

It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts.

John Wooden

Love from Jill’s coaches:

Emm Gryner
Recording Artist / Juno Nominee

“Jillian’s voice is warm and classic. Her energy and excitement for learning is infectious. Every week we work together to uncover a new facet of her amazing tool. I’m so, so honoured to be working with Jillian. The fact that she is a vocal teacher AND continuing her studies shows that she means business!”

John Deaver
Celebrity Vocal Coach

(Sara Bareilles, Cher, Amy Adams)

“I LOVE IT! The tracks [on Echo Drop’s first EP] are really in the pocket and all the songs are different but still have Jill’s style and signature on each of them. Well done!”

Throwing it Back!

Rockin’ with the sibs. (Jill- second from right)

Cut, footloose! (Jill- front row, 5th from left)
Look, Ma — I’m in a rock band! (Cue Billy Idol tee!)
I married my drummer. xo
And we started our family band. (Watch out, Von Trapp family!)

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