Tamara Castle – Owner
Source Coach  /  Adventure Dog  /  Paws on Cook

“I’m one of those people who has a deep desire to sing, yet without the confidence or skills to do so in any way that’s pleasing to me. I’ve worked with two vocal coaches before, and gained some access to my voice below the blocks I had in place. Working with Jill in one-on-one lessons has been a freeing experience for me. Jill has a deep understanding of not only the physiology of voice, but also the humanity of it. With her guidance and wisdom, I’ve been able to move through the physiological blocks that were reinforced by my fears, into an experience of free self-expression with the instrument of my voice. Jill’s compassion, curiosity and partnership create a space where I feel safe to experiment and explore while integrating both the technical skills and laying to rest my fears. I’m grateful to have found Jill and her wise and heartfelt guidance on my vocal journey.”

Robin McKenzie – Owner
Play Music For Life

“I came to Jillian Mitchell at Voxsana Vocal Studio with scant hope in my heart that she might be able to help me with my Achilles heel as a musician and music teacher: my voice. I have had other voice lessons over the years, but no matter what I did, it seemed that I was doomed to sing in a limited range with a lot of tension and ugly tone. In very few lessons, Jill shared her expertise and insights and I could sing with a lot more freedom, self-knowledge, and confidence. Soon I was expanding my vocal range and exploring vocal tonal possibilities. Within months, I was getting up at an open mic to sing; something I had never imagined I might do. Jill believes in me, even when I am at my most doubtful, and she gives me all the tools I need to open up all the musical possibilities of my voice. Studying with Jillian has been one of the most rewarding things I have ever done, and I am so excited for all the next vocal adventures!”

Jody Carrow –Writer & Editor
Words Work

“The first words that come to mind about Jill: possibility, brightness, kinship, and connection. I can see by the impact on the women around her that she really brings people up. It’s natural; you couldn’t teach this. I always feel like I have the best person on my side.”

Audrey Faye – Author
(Jill featured in Sleeping Solo!)

“As a child, I had dreams of my voice soaring up over a rapt audience, every note laced with magic and potency and grace. As an adult, what I have is a very middle-of-the-road, polite choir voice. I still love to sing but that polite choir voice—it made me a little crazy. I wanted better. Different. Something that felt more like the voice that should belong to me, so I signed up for voice lessons. […] My brave, psychic, totally awesome voice teacher told me to […] let whatever was in there that needed to come out just come. Just by offering that up, she had changed the rules of what my lessons were about. Sound doesn’t only put me in my body—it gives my body her voice.”The first words that come to mind: possibility, brightness, kinship, and connection. I can see by the impact on the women around you that you really bring people up. It’s natural; you couldn’t teach this. I always feel like I have the best person on my side.” – excerpt from Sleeping Solo

Casey Mulcaster – Owner
Amarna Holistic Centre

“My journey to Jillian was prompted by sound release in my session work with clients and with thanks to a wonderful client of mine!  Jillian has not only helped me preserve my vocal cords for session work, but assisted me in the discovery of how singing heals emotional wounds within my own life. She is patient, nurturing and FUN! I consider my lessons a holistic imperative!”

Lea F – Retiree

“Singing with you opened a music door for me. Slowly I have gained more confidence in my voice, which means I connect more with the joy of singing, and I become vulnerable and open. The discipline is ‘getting out of the way’. Keep following your heart, Jillian. You are making the world a better place.”

Sam Morgan – Musician

“Jill’s great! Her love of music and passion for singing are inspirational!”

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