Women in Harmony

“Reclaim your bliss as we navigate this season of introspection.”

Join us for 8 weeks of bliss. JOURNEY is a singing workshop designed specifically for womenit’s a pause, a spiritual reprieve, a space to connect with like-minded hearts, plus a whole ‘lotta vocalizing. Each week, we weave together our beautiful multi-faceted instruments (mind, body, soul) all in the name of connection (self & other), as we explore how outer expression truly does stem from the inner.

WEDNESDAYS, 7-8 pm | Oct. 4- Nov. 27, 2019 | $260
Cook Street location (Source Studio, 165 Cook)
All levels welcome.

About Women in Harmony:

Soften to expand. Breathe in—all the way in. Breathe out, following the exhale to its end as you empty your lungs completely.

Doesn’t that just feel better?

This is what it means to soften: to soften is to create space, and space leaves room for magic.

When we soften, we open to our intuition, to new possibilities, and to our most awakened selves. Creating space, going inward, receiving guidance and taking a small right action (ahem, not a life overhaul)—now that’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout! You with me?

If singing has been on your bucket list, then I cordially invite you to join Women in Harmony: a weekly singing-meets-bookclub kind of get-together. This musical pick-me-up is akin to a warm hug for the soul. It’s a night of nurturing, playing, connecting, and harmonizing with self, others, and ultimately life in general. Our gathering is less like a choir and more like a mid-week play date with your besties.

The goal:  soften, play, explore and shine.

Plus, something magical happens when women connect– that feminine medicine is oh-so luxurious and nourishing.

Open to all levels of singing ladies, WiH adopts an integrative approach to singing, its central focus your gorgeous three-part instrument (mind, body, soul), with a deep dive into key technical elements such as resonance, harmony, improvisation and vocal exercises. And don’t worry: singing solo is optional. (This glorious rabbit hole runs deep, friends. Come ‘n’ play!)

Women in Harmony runs twice a year, in the fall and in the New Year, at our Cook Street location. Feel free to get in touch for more info. 

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